TKA News Letter Autum 2015

As you know the gym is undergoing some renovation work to have a bespoke 16ft boxing ring installed.

We have had some amazing success over the years with our fighters doing ring sports and we have produced British and European champion’s several times over, not bad for a mat fighting club without a boxing ring.

I ring feel the time is now right for TKA to invest in a ring as many of the younger members want to give boxing a try and I want to be able to them the
option. We also have the boxing class on Friday open to all and once the ring is in place we will be putting more boxing classes into the time table.

Our Head Instructor will be taking the ABA coaches badge in December and TKA will be part of West Warwick ABC we will be called PRIZEFIGHTER BOXING  ‘PFB’.
The ring is ordered but it has a lead time of 6 to 8 weeks, the area its going will be finished in a couple of weeks and when the ring arrives it
will be ‘full steam ahead’.

Along with another local boxing coach we are looking for 10 people to take part in ‘PRIZEFIGHTER BOXING’ which will be a ‘zero to hero’ type event, we want
anybody who has had limited or no experience in boxing to take up the challenge to be a prize fighter for the night. It will be an eight week training programme, with no sign up for fee, it will be a charity event and will be held in Tamworth, so come on TKA dad’s show your kids you can ‘walk the walk’. Ask at reception for details!

Congratulations are in order for some of our BADBOYS… Fin Ballantyne along with Ben & Louis Cardin fought the WAKO European Championships in Spain and totally dominated their divisions, with Fin & Louis becoming European champions and Ben getting unfairly disqualified.

GRADING….The next grading will be Friday 9th October.

INTERCLUB TOURNAMENT…..The next in house tournament will be sunday October 4th details and poster to follow, this we be a great event for all levels of fighter, from novice to